Composer, producer and Turning Studios founder Elliott Wheeler excels at the pressurized heights where contemporary music and film fuse.  He’s as adept at bringing diverse artists – from Nas to Bryan Ferry – into synch with the complex demands of music-driven visual tours de force, as he is working on period needle drops and mixes, or composing traditional dramatic scores.

Wheeler has a unique ability to bring disparate personalities, talents, eras and idioms into coherence with an overall vision. That’s been honed in his work as composer and executive music producer with Baz Luhrmann – most notably on the genre- and era-defying The Great Gatsby, and new Netflix sensation The Get Down, as well as projects such the Ship Song Project for the Sydney Opera House.

His collaborations in these adventures crossed many musical boundaries, from Nas, Jay Z, Grandmaster Flash, Rahiem from the Furious Five, Bryan Ferry, Florence + the Machine, Sia, Dianne Warren, Emile Haynie, will.i.am, Mike Dean, Nile Rogers, Christina Aquilera, members of the Dapkings, Emily Warren, Duncan Sheik, and many more.

Now based in New York, Wheeler is in high demand as a screen composer and producer across a broad spectrum of genres from studio releases to film, theatre, and commercials. His current projects include his continuing role as Executive Producer and composer for The Get Down, numerous artist collaborations on various releases, and a follow up album to his last release, The Long Time.