The Get Down (Score from the Netflix Original Series)

By Elliott Wheeler
Released Sept 2017

Available now from Itunes and Spotify.



The Get Down Soundtrack Album

By Elliott Wheeler - Executive Music Producer
Released Aug 2017

Out now on ITunes and Spotify.

The Long Time

The Long Time

By Elliott Wheeler
Released May, 2013

1. The Whistler
2. Baker Man
3. Crystal Love
4. Tend To Me (feat. Caitlin Park)
5. The Warning (feat. Sui Zhen)
6. She Loves Him (feat. Loene Carmen)
7. I'm So Mean (feat. Kristin Berardi
8. Shiver (feat. Melodie Nelson)
9. But It's Life


The Great Gatsby

By Various
Released May, 2013

Elliott was the Arranger and Additional Music Producer on Baz Luhrmann's film The Great Gatsby.

He worked through 2012 and 2013 on arrangements and compositions for the score and soundtrack, including tracks by Jay Z, the Bryan Ferry Orchestra, Will.I.Am, Florence + the Machine, and Gotye.

The Great Gastby Soundtrack album is availble through iTunes worldwide

Elliott was Executive Producer on The Great Gatsby - The Jazz Recordings available worldwide through iTunes



Yellow Cocktail Music

By Elliott Wheeler, Executive Music Producer
Released May 2013

1. Young and Beautiful - The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
2. Back to Black - The Bryan Ferry Orchestra feat. Bryan Ferry
3. New Orleans Bump - The Bryan Ferry Orchestra feat. Jelly Roll Morton
4. Nick the Neighbor - The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
5. Empire State of Mind pt. 2 Broken Down - The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
6. Lets Misbehave - The Bryan Ferry Orchestra feat Irving Aaronson & His Commanders
7. $100 Bills - The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
8. Crazy in Love - The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
9. Ain't Misbhavin' - The Bryan Ferry Orchestra feat. Louis Armstrong
10. Love is the Drug - The Bryan Ferry Orchestra feat Bryan Ferry
11. Bang Bang - The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
12. Oh! You have no idea - The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
13. Daisy's Theme - The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
14. Can't repeat the past - The Bryan Ferry Orchestra

Feel Thing

Feel Thing

By Elliott Wheeler
Released Dec, 2012

Sometimes, the sheer weight and complexity of the world finds itself perfectly encapsulated in a piece of music. The song manages to find all the pauses after the commas, the spaces in the equations, and delineate all of the most vexing contradictions into a single form that somehow makes its way beyond the conscious brain and speaks to the self that is there when you wake in the morning before you remember to think.

This isn't that song. But it's summer, and it was damn fun to do.


Turn It Down

By Elliott Wheeler
Released Aug, 2012

"Turn it Down" first popped up in micro form in 2010, and now appears as an adult. It features the incredible Sui Zhen on vocals.